FACILITIES OFFERED AT Resort De Coracao By First Halt

Restaurant Resort De Coracao Goa 9
Pool Resort de Coracao Corbett 1

  • In-house restaurant Ice and Spice that serves up multicuisine dishes along with round the clock service and buffet.
  • Banquet halls that are ideal to host any kind of social functions or parties
  • Pool area to spend leisure time
  • Jacuzzi (only in Corbett property)
  • Spa with sauna, steam room and more (only in Corbett property)

  • Fitness center with all types of equipment and steam room
  • Indoor games - There are a range of games including Chess, Carom, Ludo, Crayon, Clay Play etc. that guests can enjoy during their stay.
  • Outdoor Games - Football, Pool Foot Ball, Pool Basket Ball, Soft Ball Cricket, Water Polo, Badminton, and Volleyball.

Resort De Coracao-by First Halt – Goa – A choice for Romantic Getaways and Honeymoon Seekers

Honeymoon - A cherry on the wedding cake, is the most awaited getaways for a newly wed couple. Planning for it started with the wedding itself and in some cases couples have a decent idea what they want to do. Contrary to the minimalist involvement in their own wedding preparations, a honeymoon is something the couple can truly call their own which makes it personal in every way. It is the one trip that the couple will remember for the rest of their lives. Then comes the question- beaches or mountain, what kind of weather, costs involved so on and so forth.

In India, one of most sought after destinations for honeymoon is Goa. The Queen of Beaches sparkles with crystal blue water, golden sandy beaches, sea shells, sand castles, thrilling and fascinating beach sports, and sumptuous seafood.
One of more popular beaches in Goa being Calangute beach, which is full of couple friendly hotels and honeymoon hotels/resorts.

One other thing that you might want to look into while planning your honeymoon is the type of room, the size of room, the amenities provided, the view from the room and the price. Hotels on Calangute range from budget hotels to very well appointed 4 star and 5 star hotels. And then of course being in Goa, how can you not take a dip into the Arabian Sea with your new better half, hence the distance from the beach is also something to be looked into. However given the recent pandemic scenario, you may also want to look into a hotel that has its own private swimming pool. Most hotels nowadays are taking enough precautions like sanitizing the room, face masks, availability of hand sanitizers and maintaining safe distance which may be a thought that may wish to consider.

Last but not the least – food. If you are a seafood enthusiast, Goa is your heaven but the availability of other cuisines is just as important. So choose a hotel that offers multiple cuisines and if you are fitness conscious, you may wish to look into a hotel that also provides a gym/health club where you can burn the calories you consume

Overall a hotel that wills suite your requirements and treats you like the king and the queen as you deserve. Transportation requirements, access to market area, access to restaurants and pubs nearby are the basic side choices that you may want to look into

In the end all we can say is that every couple has their own requirements. Take a pick on what suits you the best and have honeymoon that not only brings you closer to your partner but also serves as a relaxing getaway.


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