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Why First Halt Is The Best Hotel In Calangute, Goa

Calangute Beach is undoubtedly one of the most popular beaches in North Goa. It attracts tourists in hordes and has a plethora of hotels of every variety for excited travellers. Some of them are budget hotels, others are uptown, and some are resorts. Calangute is the hotbed of water sports, adventure, and awesome party spots.

Resort De Coracao -The Corbett

Why First Halt Is The Best Place To Stay In Jim Corbett

The word Jim Corbett evokes a feeling of excitement and thrill. It heralds an evocative feeling of wild jungles and magnificent famed tigers and the famous hunter and environmentalist, Jim Corbett. It is one of the most sought out national parks by both national and international tourists. The verdant lush greenery and the overlooking of gorgeous Himalayas provided the perfect classic backdrop to this land of thrilling adventures.

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Resort De Coracao Reborn As First Halt Hotels

Holidays are all about indolent indulgences and sharing great bonding time with family and loved ones within the confines of a warm and comfortable haven. A synagogue of ethereal bliss, Resort De Coracao by First Halt with its opulent and trendy suites enriched with oxygen and sun-kissed morning provides all these and much more while retaining a sense of romantic seclusion. At First Halt hotels, the chivalrous and ever-impressive staff ensures that you experience 

Spend the Night in the Best Resort of Jim Corbett, Resort De Coracao

First Halt Hotels

First Halt Hotels are located at two of the most diversely polarized yet scintillatingly beautiful locations of India – Goa & Jim Corbett. Each of these hotels perfectly captures the bohemian spirit of Goa and the Zen-like atmosphere of Jim Corbett. The charm of staying so close to both these spectacular locations of the bustling Calangute Beach and the wonderful Jim Corbett is quite exhilarating.

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Resort De Coracao - An Exquisite stay at Goa and Jim Corbett


Resort de Coracao – a hermitage of peace and silence, where leaves rustling and birds chirping are the only sweet nothings that you will hear, a place of tranquillity tucked away in lush greenery. The gentle sway of tall trees and misty essence of clouds, we welcome you to Resort de Coracao.

Breathtaking views, 5-star rooms, warm hospitality, and preferred location, Resort de Coracao excels in all benchmarks. 

Spend the Night in the Best Resort of Jim Corbett, Resort De Coracao

Best Things To Do In Jim Corbett

You must add Jim Corbett to your bucket list if you are a traveller and looking for the next spot to visit. Actually, Jim Corbett National Park is listed among one of the most significant wildlife reserves in India. To ignite the spark of an adventure of a traveller inside, you must come to Jim Corbett.

There are lots of things to do in Jim Corbett for a tourist like a river rafting to birds watching, fishing to go wild in Adventure Park. You will not only feel fresh but thrilling too. this adventure place has become one of the favourite places for 

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