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Why First Halt Is The Best Hotel In Calangute, Goa

Calangute Beach is undoubtedly one of the most popular beaches in North Goa. It attracts tourists in hordes and has a plethora of hotels of every variety for excited travellers. Some of them are budget hotels, others are uptown, and some are resorts. Calangute is the hotbed of water sports, adventure, and awesome party spots.

Resort De Coracao -The Corbett

Why First Halt Is The Best Place To Stay In Jim Corbett

The word Jim Corbett evokes a feeling of excitement and thrill. It heralds an evocative feeling of wild jungles and magnificent famed tigers and the famous hunter and environmentalist, Jim Corbett. It is one of the most sought out national parks by both national and international tourists. The verdant lush greenery and the overlooking of gorgeous Himalayas provided the perfect classic backdrop to this land of thrilling adventures.

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Resort De Coracao Reborn As First Halt Hotels

Holidays are all about indolent indulgences and sharing great bonding time with family and loved ones within the confines of a warm and comfortable haven. A synagogue of ethereal bliss, Resort De Coracao by First Halt with its opulent and trendy suites enriched with oxygen and sun-kissed morning provides all these and much more while retaining a sense of romantic seclusion. At First Halt hotels, the chivalrous and ever-impressive staff ensures that you experience 

Spend the Night in the Best Resort of Jim Corbett, Resort De Coracao

First Halt Hotels

First Halt Hotels are located at two of the most diversely polarized yet scintillatingly beautiful locations of India – Goa & Jim Corbett. Each of these hotels perfectly captures the bohemian spirit of Goa and the Zen-like atmosphere of Jim Corbett. The charm of staying so close to both these spectacular locations of the bustling Calangute Beach and the wonderful Jim Corbett is quite exhilarating.

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Resort De Coracao - An Exquisite stay at Goa and Jim Corbett


Resort de Coracao – a hermitage of peace and silence, where leaves rustling and birds chirping are the only sweet nothings that you will hear, a place of tranquillity tucked away in lush greenery. The gentle sway of tall trees and misty essence of clouds, we welcome you to Resort de Coracao.

Breathtaking views, 5-star rooms, warm hospitality, and preferred location, Resort de Coracao excels in all benchmarks. 

Spend the Night in the Best Resort of Jim Corbett, Resort De Coracao

Best Things To Do In Jim Corbett

You must add Jim Corbett to your bucket list if you are a traveller and looking for the next spot to visit. Actually, Jim Corbett National Park is listed among one of the most significant wildlife reserves in India. To ignite the spark of an adventure of a traveller inside, you must come to Jim Corbett.

There are lots of things to do in Jim Corbett for a tourist like a river rafting to birds watching, fishing to go wild in Adventure Park. You will not only feel fresh but thrilling too. this adventure place has become one of the favourite places for 



We First halt hotels & Resorts are experts in organize all types of social events like Rink Ceremony , Marriage function & Anniversary Celebration in our resort from the past many years . We know the value of marriage and the lifelong unbreakable bond between two families, especially for the bride and groom. In the past, We have arranged and managed more than 50 Destination Marriage Functions at our Resort De Coracao By First Halt, Corbett., Ram Nagar, Uttarakhand. We have got applauses & 100% positive feedbacks and good wishes from families and their relatives to arrange successful events. We First Halt are very thankful to the families who believed in us. We ensure all upcoming events are provide with personalized and good quality service during their forthcoming functions & events at our resort.

Queen of Beaches” in Goa,Calangute Beach

The "Beach Queen"of Goa, Calangute Beach Known as the"Beach Queen"of Goa, Calangute Beachissuitable forall types of travelers, from nature lovers to adventureandpartylovers. This beach is consideredaparadisefor naturelovers.Itis thelargestand most popularbeachin North Goa,with dazzlingcharmandbeauty. In addition,it reflects the uniquenessoftheentire Goan cultureandalsoprovidesbeautifulpicturesqueviews of the surroundinglandscape.Thisisa perfectholidaydestination forthosewhowanttogetaway fromthe hustle and bustle of the busy city. CalanguteBeachin Goa offers manythings fortouristswho comehere. Thebusymarket heresellseverything from beer and food to. Jewelry, clothing.In addition,the beach issurroundedby lushpalmtrees andcoconuttrees,andthebeautifulArabian Sea is the perfect backdrop. Peopleoftengoto thebeach todive atanaltitudeof 10 feet. Highsunrise and sunset is afeature.CalanguteBeach-Fortheperfectvacationandtravel,visitthis beach with friends and family and enjoy the bestthatNorth Goa has to offer. Calangute Beach offers everything fromdelicious food and drinks.In addition; italsooffersyou aunique,tranquil and idyllicbeach holidaythat you will notfindanywhere else in Goa.


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Jim Corbett National Park sees lot of CORPORATE EVENTS like - TEAM OUTING of Corporate groups, SEMINAR, Workshops, DEALERS MEET, NEW PRODUCT LAUNCH and CONFERENCE. Hanging out with office buddies in thrilling environment and best location of India’s best wildlife tiger reserve, Vanya River Resort is Best Resort in Jim Corbett for organising Seminar, Events, Photography Workshops, Doctors Conference, Dealers Meet, New Product Launch, Corporate Awards in Jim Corbett National Park and is known for offering some excellent Jeep Safari experiences, Adventure Activities and quality time rejuvenating amidst nature. A team can expect to have a wholesome experience right from a great stay in hotel near River with swimming pool, entertainment nights with DJ or LIVE performance, cocktails and bonfires, excellent transport facility and prompt services whenever and wherever required.

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Goa Reopen For Domestic Traveller’s
One of the most visited tourist destinations in India is Goa, which has plenty to offer to all travellers visiting from across the world.Goa Tourismis proud to promote its beaches, national parks and hills, churches, forts, markets, backwaters, and much more. The state is not very diverse and the majority numbers of people are Christians so there are hundreds of churches present in Goa. The well-known destination is also famous for water sports likeJet skiing, kite surfing, parasailing, water boating, and more.
A tour in Goa is a perfect destination for a short break as well. YourGoa tour packageswill be incomplete if you miss out on experiencing outstanding nightlife here. Tasting some Goan cuisine is also an experience you must try. The destination assures a perfect break from the hustling life and promises ample relaxation and entertainment at the same point in time. It covers a zone of 3702 square kilometers and contains two districts namely North Goa and South Goa. Spread more than 3,700 km square with the number of inhabitants at around 1.4 million, Goa is a small state as per Indian measures. It is an exceptional blend of Indian and Portuguese social orders that attracts a normal 2.5 million visitors consistently including around 4, 00,000 remotetravellers
We believe theculture of Goais based majorly on Catholics, but actually, the Goa Catholics are a mixture of Portuguese and Indian cultures, and so it is known as Rome of East. The food and drinks play a big role in Goa’s vibrant culture. It is a secular state with numerous religions being practiced freely. Hinduism, Islam, and Christianity are common religions here.

Best places to visit in Goa

1.Calangute Beach (Queen of Beaches)
2. Baga Beach (Night Life)
3. Dudhsagar Falls
4. Anjuna Beach
5. Vagator Beach
6. Palolem Beach and many more

Best Things to do in Goa:
1.Take a walk at spice plantations
2. Walk through the dark passages of Goan caves
3. Try parasailing at Calangute beach
4. Indulge in some water sports
5. Go for Island hopping and many more


Goan Dishes to Try Before You Die! | Goan Cuisine: What to Eat In Goa
Goa isa mixtureof east meets west, whichisn'tsimplest representedwithinside thegoalifestylehowever additionally withinside the fashion of cooking. If yougo toany rural area, the localsmay bevisible cookingwithinside theclay pots on firewood. Thoughpresent dayconveniences are available, thetraditionalmeals coaching isfavoredbecause it provides an extra smokytasteto any Goan dish. Thediplomaof warmth variesamongGoan recipes fromslightto explosive. Goans have a miscellaneous platterstarting fromprawns to sausages,chookto beef, andseveravegetarian dishes. Itswidesweep ofprecisestrategies to cooking is theresultofhistoricevents. Go Goa andexperiencethe mouthwatering Goanmealsand drinks,well-knownGoandelicaciesandscrumptiousGoan dishes. Consequently, Goandelicaciesare predominantlystimulatedwith the aid of using spiritual of Christianity and Hinduism. Over time, cookingstrategieswere combined collectively and allowed to simmer,generatingantruechoice of delicacies. Both religions emphasize thatmealsneed to be servedsimplestifit's fartasty and fresh. Presentation is paramount to Goans as theyfrequentlypercentage theirmeals,especially all throughfeasts,in whichmeals is sent amongst neighbors.

Some of the significant specialities of Goa are listed below:

This is Goa'smaximum well-knownsweet. This dessert is a multi-layered cakecrafted fromegg, coconut milk, sugar and ghee. Cookinga superbebinca istaken into considerationanartworkform. A lot ofendurance is wanted on thetime of itseducationasthe followinglayer canhandiestbebrought as soon astheprecedinglayer has been cooked. Each layer is cookedwithinside theoventillit has amildfudge consistency. Thismay beeatenwarmorbloodlessand ishistoricallyserved at Christmas.

Ambot Tik
In Konkani, ‘ambot’approachspur and ‘tik’approachspicy. As thecallsuggests, the dish isbarelybitter and pungent. It is ascrumptiousgravy dishthis istypically organized from driedpurplechillies, peppercorns and tamarind. The fish used iscommonlyshark or catfish and it tastesextremely goodwithundeniablesteamed or boiled rice.

Crab Xec Xec

Seamealsiswithout difficultyto be had a Goa'sbestplace isat thecoast. This curry iscrafted fromgrounded coconut, coriander and dryblendedroasted spices,which can bebrought to crab meat. The thick coconut gravy dish isgenerallyserved with rice or bread.

Fish Curry Rice
This is the staplemealsfor Goans and iscalledxitt coddi in konkari. The curry iscommonlyyellowish-purpleincolourbecause of the presence of chillies and turmeric. The tangy andhighly spiceddishmay becooked withquite a fewfish,despite the fact thatmackerel isone of thefavourite. The dish is served with steamed white rice and is theconventionalGoan meal.

Chicken Cafreal
Thishighly spicedhen crafted from coriander, lime,inexperiencedchillies, peppercorns and mint. Itmay becooked in oven or pan roasted. The dish originated from Africa and istypicallyfollowed via way of means of inexperienced salad.

Goan Feni
This is Goansneighborhoodalcoholic drink withrobustaroma. The word ‘feni’ derives from the word ‘fenn’,this means thatfroth. In fact,an excellentfeni,whilepoured ina pitcherproducesa touchfroth, whichis a signof theadvancedbest of the product. There areforms offeni, one iscrafted fromcoconut andthe alternativeiscrafted fromcashew. Coconut feni ismuch lessfamous and iscrafted fromthe ssap of coconut palms. Cashew feni iscrafted fromcashew apples,which might bemanuallybeatenand allowed to ferment. Traditionally, there are3grades of Goan brew. Urrac is themade fromfirst distillation, Cazulo is themade from2d and Feni is themade from0.33 distillation.


It is awealthystewthat iscrafted fromred meateven thoughevery now and thenliver,coronary heartand kidneyalso areadded. Preparing sorpotel isan extendedprocedure: firstthe beefis parboiled, finely diced, friedafter whichcooked in spices and vinegar. Sorpotelnormallytasteshigherat thesecondandthirdday, afterit's milesprepared,as soon asit has had time to mature.

Mushroom Xacuti

Xacuti is a Goan Masala withsurecombinationof spicesthat isextraordinarilyfamousthroughoutIndia. Mushrooms are myfavoredso Iideaof clubbing Xacuti Masala with Mushrooms. Generally xacuti masala are used for makingchookxacuti, mutton xacuti. Therehave beenlot of mushrooms at myresidenceand Idesiredtoattemptsome thingunique. Sogot hereup with thismodelof Mushroom Goan Xacuti Oryou canadditionallynameit as Mushroom Xacuti Masala!

Mackerel Reacheado

This dishis readythroughcuttingagophaseof the fish andit's milesfilled withpurplewarmcoldmasala called ‘reacheado’. Reacheado iscrafted frompurplechillies, spices, ginger, garlic andfloorwith malt vinegar. The fish is then pan fried.


White, fluffy breadthis isfabricated fromcoconut and finelyfloorrice flouris blendedwith toddy,that isthen fermented and steamed. These aregenerallyserved ateventsanduniqueactivitiesandmay beeaten withmaximumcurries,speciallysorpotel orwithout a doubta cup of Indian tea.

Goan Sausages

These sausages arecrafted fromred meatmeat andfatsthat has been loosely diced. The strings of sausages are marinated in pickling spicesafter whichsolardried. They aretypicallyserved with pulao rice or in bread. These sausages are veryfamousat feasts.



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