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Five Star Hotels in India Get More Pet Friendly

The growing count of pet-friendly holiday destinations has influenced hotels to open their doors to adorable fur balls. Although the transition kicked off early, the idea of welcoming pets was put to practice in full swing, post-pandemic. Five Star hotels in India are no different.


A Happy & Leisure Vacation to the Delightful Shores of Goa

Are you thinking of a getaway to the breathtaking beaches of Goa with your friends? The city tucked away on the western end of the Konkan coastline is dotted with innumerable beaches, right from Calangute, Anjuna, and Morjim on the north to Palolem, Varca, and Colva on the south. If frolicking amidst the sun and sand is what your heart desires, Goa is a treat to step in.


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Tiger sitting amid the forest

The Best Zone to Visit at Jim Corbett

Established in 1936, Jim Corbett has become one of the most well-known tourist attractions in the world. A forested wildlife sanctuary located in the state of Uttarakhand, the paradise of nature-lovers is well-known for being domestic to a massive quantity of tigers, the very best amongst any Indian countrywide park!

Resort De Coracao-by First Halt – Goa – A choice for Romantic Getaways and Honeymoon Seekers

Honeymoon - A cherry on the wedding cake, is the most awaited getaway for a newly wed couple. Planning for it started with the wedding itself and in some cases couples have a decent idea what they want to do. Contrary to the minimalist involvement in their own wedding preparations, a honeymoon is something the couple can truly call their own which makes it personal in every way.

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Why First Halt Is The Best Hotel In Calangute, Goa

Calangute Beach is undoubtedly one of the most popular beaches in North Goa. It attracts tourists in hordes and has a plethora of hotels of every variety for excited travellers. Some of them are budget hotels, others are uptown, and some are resorts. Calangute is the hotbed of water sports, adventure, and awesome party spots.

Why First Halt Is The Best Place To Stay In Jim Corbett

The word Jim Corbett evokes a feeling of excitement and thrill. It heralds an evocative feeling of wild jungles and magnificent famed tigers and the famous hunter and environmentalist, Jim Corbett. It is one of the most sought out national parks by both national and international tourists. The verdant lush greenery and the overlooking of gorgeous Himalayas provided the perfect classic backdrop to this land of thrilling adventures.

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Resort De Coracao Reborn As First Halt Hotels

Holidays are all about indolent indulgences and sharing great bonding time with family and loved ones within the confines of a warm and comfortable haven. A synagogue of ethereal bliss, Resort De Coracao by First Halt with its opulent and trendy suites enriched with oxygen and sun-kissed morning provides all these and much more while retaining a sense of romantic seclusion. At First Halt hotels, the chivalrous and ever-impressive staff ensures that you experience.

First Halt Hotels

First Halt Hotels are located at two of the most diversely polarized yet scintillatingly beautiful locations of India – Goa & Jim Corbett. Each of these hotels perfectly captures the bohemian spirit of Goa and the Zen-like atmosphere of Jim Corbett. The charm of staying so close to both these spectacular locations of the bustling Calangute Beach and the wonderful Jim Corbett is quite exhilarating.

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Resort De Coracao - An Exquisite stay at Goa and Jim Corbett


Resort de Coracao – a hermitage of peace and silence, where leaves rustling and birds chirping are the only sweet nothings that you will hear, a place of tranquillity tucked away in lush greenery. The gentle sway of tall trees and misty essence of clouds, we welcome you to Resort de Coracao.

Breathtaking views, 5-star rooms, warm hospitality, and preferred location, Resort de Coracao excels in all benchmarks.

Best Things To Do In Jim Corbett

You must add Jim Corbett to your bucket list if you are a traveller and looking for the next spot to visit. Actually, Jim Corbett National Park is listed among one of the most significant wildlife reserves in India. To ignite the spark of an adventure of a traveller inside, you must come to Jim Corbett.

There are lots of things to do in Jim Corbett for a tourist like a river rafting to birds watching, fishing to go wild in Adventure Park. You will not only feel fresh but thrilling too.

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Introducing Goa with First Halt

One of the most visited tourist destinations in India is Goa, which has plenty to offer to all travellers visiting from across the world. Goa Tourism is proud to promote its beaches, national parks and hills.

A tour in Goa is a perfect destination for a short break as well. Your Goa tour packages will be incomplete if you miss out on experiencing outstanding nightlife here. Tasting some Goan cuisine is also an experience you must try.

Goan Dishes to Try Before You Die!

Goa is a mixture of east meets west, which isn't simplest represented withinside the goa lifestyle however additionally withinside the fashion of cooking.

If you go to any rural area, the locals may be visible cooking withinside the clay pots on firewood. Though present day conveniences are available, the traditional meals coaching is favored because it provides an extra smoky taste to any Goan dish.

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“Queen of Beaches” in Goa,Calangute Beach

The "Beach Queen"of Goa, Calangute Beach Known as the"Beach Queen"of Goa, Calangute Beachissuitable for all types of travellers, from nature lovers to adventure and party-lovers. This beach is considered a paradise for nature lovers. It is the largest and most popular beach in North Goa, with dazzling charm and beauty.

Events and Seminar in Jim Corbett National Park

Jim Corbett National Park sees lot of CORPORATE EVENTS like - TEAM OUTING of Corporate groups, SEMINAR, Workshops, DEALERS MEET, NEW PRODUCT LAUNCH and CONFERENCE.


What are some best places to visit in North Goa?

North Goa welcomes you to a picturesque land of herbal beauty. But in case you notion this area is most effective approximately golden seashores and turquoise water, suppose again! Dotted with marvellous forts, historical temples, suitable churches, electrifying celebration hotspots, well-known shacks, humming flea markets, lavish casinos, and a bunch of different attractions, the area is honestly a traveller’s delight.

Where To Stay In Calangute, Goa ?

Looking for an amazing hotel in Calangute, Goa? Head to Resort De Coracao By FIRST HALT, a hotel in Calangute's central point, with proximity to all tourist places in North Goa. Offering great accommodation and premium services, this hotel near Baga Beach and Calangute is perfect for adventures, honeymooners and couples alike!


Mouthwatering Food In Goa

What would a good holiday be like if you don't treat yourself to some good food! So head out to Ice & Spice Restaurant in Calangute located at Resort De Coracao By FIRST HALT for an amazing dining experience. We offer a wide selection of sea-food delicacies, authentic Goan preparations as well as Indian and continental delights for you to enjoy. Weather you are with family, friends, or loved ones, we make sure that your food experience in Goa is a memorable one!

Why You Should Tie the Knot in Jim Corbett-First Halt?

We first halt hotels & Resorts are experts in organizing all types of social events like Ring Ceremony, Marriage function & Anniversary Celebration in our resort from the past many years. We know the value of marriage and the lifelong unbreakable bond between two families, especially for the bride and groom. In the past, we have arranged and managed more than 50 Destination Marriage Functions at our Resort De Coracao By First Halt, Corbett. Ram Nagar, Uttarakhand. We have got applauses & 100% positive feedbacks and good wishes from families and their relatives to arrange successful events. We First Halt are very thankful to the families who believed in us. We ensure all upcoming events are providing with personalized and good quality service during their forthcoming functions & events at our resort.  

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Culture and nature of Jim Corbett

Corbett is a synthesis of these two mountain cultures: Kumaoni and Garhvali. In Kumaon and Garhwal, as in many other mountain cultures around the world, music and dance are an important cultural element. In these regions, folk art forms are intertwined with the fabric of everyday life.

About Jim Corbett and nature of Jungle

Jim Corbett National Park was identified in the year 1936. Ever since, Corbett attained the distinction of becoming of first National Park in Asia. Edward James Hunter was a renowned hunter during the British era in India but after looking at the declining numbers of Tigers in the Park, Edward turned into a conservationist. The Park got its name after James Edward Corbett who invested his life in conserving the nature and wildlife of this National Park. Before that, the Park was named as ‘Hailey National Park’ till 1971 when Government of India launched the ‘Project Tiger’ for conserving Tigers in Corbett National Park.The rich history and most diverse wildlife make this Park as one of the top tourist attraction in India. To the originally declared land for National Park, other areas were added with time and now the total area covered by the National Park is 1288.31 square kms.

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Unique Wildlife and Nature

In the big 521 sq km vicinity of the Jim Corbett National Park, the maximum various and flexible flora and fauna remains harmoniously with nature. The Park is a great aggregate of hills and plains with Shivalik Himalayas on aspect and undeniable massive landscapes at the other. The streams, rivers and ridges crisscrossing the terrain, gift Corbett with a top notch style of landscapes. The smooth flowing streams, wavering rivers and ridges crisscross the Park terrain. Spectacularly stunning landscapes unfold throughout extensive regions of Park developing a great habitat for one-of-a-kind flora and fauna. This shiny mosaic of habitats moist and dry, undeniable and mountainous, mild and rugged, forests and grasslands helps several plant and animal species, representing Himalayan in addition to plains ecosystem. The big and maximum stunning creatures- The Royal Bengal Tiger are the well-known citizens of the Park in conjunction with stunning Asiatic Elephants. Additionally, 550 species of avifauna residing and continuously migrating to this Park creates a richest chicken location with inside the Country. Consequently, the Park has been declared as an 'Important Bird Area' (IBA) with the aid of using Birdlife International.

Rich Flora

It won’t be incorrect to say the Jim Corbett National Park because the maximum richly populated with maximum various and precise natural world in India. The Jim Corbett National Park in corporate of freshwater vegetation and alpine vegetation. The alpine vegetation that's outstanding with inside the Park is Sal trees, Chaurs, Kahir-Sissoo forests and lots more. There are about six hundred species of trees, shrubs, grasses, ferns, herbs, climbers and bamboos. Other alpine vegetation of Jim Corbett National Park is Pine trees, ChinChoti trees, Oaks may also be visible right here and there that's really a Himalayan species. Prominent Palm species are Date Palms determined with inside the open and well-lighted areas. Kanju (Holoptelea integrifolia ),Jamun (Syzygium cumini) and Aamla (Emblica Officinalis) are visible with inside the wet areas. Other tree species incorporate Bel, Kusum, Mahua and Bakli. Also, many synthetic tree species are implanted with inside the Park that contains Teak (Tectona grandis), Eucalyptus, Jacaranda, Silver Oak, and Bottle brush .Not simplest trees, even grasses, shrubs, Bamboo are prominently gift with inside the Park. There are over 70 acknowledged and registered species of grasses with inside the Corbett Park. Male Bamboo is every other outstanding vegetation species that inhabits the foremost place in Jim Corbett Park. All the wealthy and precise vegetation of Jim Corbett makes it what it is- precise and wealthy in its vegetation.

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Striking Fauna

Royal Bengal Tigers all of us realize is living right here with superb dignity and well known through all of the nature lover and conservationist. Well, recognizing a Tiger isn't that smooth right here till you cross deep into the buffer zones. Adult tigers might be visible as solitary wanderers to the tourists, while tigresses might be noticed with younger cubs. Apart from that, Leopards and Asiatic Elephants are a number of the distinguished animals that contain the bigger-sized flora and fauna populace of the Park. Smaller-length pussy cat populace incorporates the Jungle Cat, Fishing Cat and Leopard Cat. Other mammals dwelling with inside the Jim Corbett National park consists of deer species (Barking, Sambhar, Hogg and Chital), Sloth bears and Himalayan Black bears, Indian Grey Mongoose, otters, Elephants, Yellow Throated Martens, Ghoral (Goat-Antelopes), Indian Pangolins, and Langur and Rhesus Monkeys. Tourists also can spot Owls and Night jars for the duration of the night. Local crocodiles (alongside the banks of the Ram Ganga River) and Indian Python, King Cobra, Common Cobra can also be visible with inside the Jim Corbett Park.

Jim Corbett National Park as a Tourist Attraction

Well, whilst you are a traveler, the extensive information of Flora and Fauna aren't vital however the matters that region has to provide to you. So, in terms of the maximum various National Park of India, there are lots of journey sports that watch for you. From maximum awesome accommodations alternatives with plethora of newly constructed accommodations and accommodations to venturing into the Park in Jeep Safaris, you may revel in your experience to Jim Corbett throughout your weekend getaway. The Park is strategically divided into five traveler zones to make tourism greater green and snug for the travelers coming to go to here.These regions are:

Bijrani Safari Zone
Jhirna Safari Zone
Dhela Safari Zone
Dhikala Zone
Durga Devi Zone
Corbett Landscape (Sitabani) Zone

These areas are the maximum stunning regions of the Park where in site visitors can revel in the distinct natural world and for a while may be part of it. The revel in of this incredible jungle round you'll captivate and who is aware of which wild animal come across may shake you. These zones are visited generally due to its energetic natural world movements. Animals are regularly noticed maximum in those regions because of the flowers and availability of water in those areas.

Bird Watching in Pangot

Bird Watching Experience

With greater than 550 species of sizeable avifauna inclusive of habitant and migrating birds, Jim Corbett gives a wonderful fowl looking enjoy to the tourists. Your expertise approximately the birds does now no longer depend right here as there are greater than 500 species, so that you can simply revel in searching at them, interacting with every different and sense actual near the herbal world. Birds like parakeet, crested serpent eagle, bee eaters, tawny fish owl, purple jungle bird and numerous different migratory birds. Some of the famous spots for fowl looking in the park encompass Durga Devi Zone, that is the maximum stunning vicinity for recognizing extraordinary birds. The lush inexperienced settings of this quarter and the provision of meals draws a massive quantity of nearby in addition to migratory birds to this setting. Winter is the exceptional time for fowl looking on this quarter as throughout this era of the year; it draws a massive quantity of migratory birds to this region.

Stay inside the Park to spot the wildlife

Well, in case you need to enjoy the flora and fauna from actual near without failing to identify any animal, and then there are alternatives in an effort to live with inside the Dikhala area of the Park.Dhikala area named after the massive Dhikala grassland that's the most important grassland with inside the Corbett Reserve landscape. Why stay right here? Well, most instances it's far mentioned that Tigers are noticed right here the maximum and additionally it's far the most important grassland with inside the Corbett Reserve Landscape. The area is 50 kms with inside the Park where in you may attain with the aid of using Jeep or Canters in step with the wide variety of site visitors. Ramganga River float through the park and passes through Dhikala area because of which a number of flora and fauna might be noticed on this area for animals regularly come close to river for ingesting water. Some of the alternatives for spending a night time with inside the Park with the wild animals are Government lodges. In order to live at night time with inside the Dhikala Forest visitor House, the Indian and SAARC site visitors must ee-e book the lodging in Dhikala Forest Lodge forty six days earlier and the Foreigners must ee-e book the lodging ninety one days earlier. The foremost flora and fauna enchantment of Dhikala safari area is the recognizing of Royal Bengal Tiger and Asiatic elephants. Dhikala area is reasonably populated with those foremost animals of the park and consequently makes up for the great adventurous live.

Goan beach coast

#Things to Do At Goa In Monsoon

Time to break another legend! We should discuss Goa past its radiant self: True, it's one of the coolest ocean side objections on the planet and it's only amazing to get tanned at Baga, Calangute and Candolim. Be that as it may, have you at any point thought about visiting Goa in Monsoon? No? Indeed, then, at that point, you ought to. Allow me to assist you with laying out that image in your psyche. Think unfilled, soaked sea shores; flawless greens, expanding cascades, every one of the monetary advantages of a slow time of year visit and a plenty of activities in Goa in rainstorm. Indeed, presently you understand what we are referring to.

Resort De Coracao By First Halt

Are you looking for an excellent 4-star hotel in North Goa? Well look no further; Resort De Coracao By First Halt, located in North Goa, near Calangute Beach. Due to our prime location, guests can quickly take a walk to the beach and nearby shopping centre as well. Located 45 km from Dabolim International Airport, this hotel is an ideal destination for a relaxing vacation. First Halt offers comfortable rooms with balconies that open to swimming pool views & roadside views. The hotel has the Waves conference hall with a size of 1785 sq. ft. This makes it an ideal destination for romantic weddings & conferences alike. Guests can indulge in the finest Indian and international cuisines at our Ice And Spice Restaurant.